Jeudi 17 octobre 2019

Master Classes


  • 8H30 : Diagnostic of dynamic Scapholunate instabilities : State of the art.
    P. Texeira, Nancy
  • 9H00 :   Is there still a place for wrist arthroscopy as a diagnostic tool in preop screening of scapho-lunate instability : L. Athlani, Nancy
  • 9H20 : Indication and results of arthroscopic repair or reconstruction of the SLIOL, C. Taleb, Mulhouse
  • 9H40 : Acute open repair of SLIOL : Indications, Clinical and Radiological Results : S. Huguet, Nice
  • 10H30 : The critical stabilizers of the intercalated segment : M. Ross, Brisbane, Australia
  • 11H00 : Treatment of dynamic and static SL instabilities  with ligament reconstruction : M. Ross, Brisbane, Australia
  • 11H30 : SLIC procedure for dynamic and static instabilities : L. Athlani and
     G. Dautel (Nancy)

Jeudi 17 octobre 2019-Matin

Scapholunate instabilities


Pause Café

Pause Déjeuner : 12H30

  • Wrist Arthroplasties
  • 14H00 : Wrist arthroplasties : State of the art : M. Ross (Brisbane, Australia)
  • 14H30 : Long term results with the KMI and Remotion wrist arthroplasties :
    J. Chevrollier, (Rennes)
  • 14H50 :Amandys Implant : Technical tricks, indications, functional results :
    Ph Bellemère, (Nantes)
  • 15H15: Motech implant : A. Tchurukdichian, (Dijon)
  • 3D Planning of Distal Radius Malunion
  • 16H00 : Preop planning and Surgical Technique : L. Athlani (Nancy)
  • 16H20 : Technical Tricks, Indications, Clinical and Radiological Results
    • Marselille : Ph Samson
    • Nantes : M. Leroy and Ph Bellemère
    • Nancy  : L. Athlani
  • 17H20 : How to deal with chondral defects in distal radius malunion : L. Obert (Besançon)
  • 17H30 : How I plan a corrective osteotomy of the distal radius : M. Ross (Brisbane, Australia)

Jeudi 17 octobre 2019-Après Midi

Wrist arthroplaties and Distal radius malunion

Pause Café